Infant Baptism

Infant baptism should be arranged with the pastor two to three months before you wish to schedule the baptism. The parents and Godparents must attend a scheduled class. We suggest that you schedule this class prior to the birth of the baby.

Adult Baptism

We extend an open invitation to anyone who wishes to learn more about the Catholic Church. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is an opportunity to learn more about the faith and to become a member in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Discussion groups meet weekly as needed. Coming to these meetings is not a commitment to join. New members are usually enjoined during the Easter Celebration.


Candidates for confirmation must be at least 16 years of age to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. A two year preparation program is required, usually starting during the student’s sophomore year. Registration for these classes begins in the fall each year.

Holy Eucharist

Preparation for this sacrament is a two year religious education program. Classes begin each year in the fall. Usually the student will be in the second grade when receiving this sacrament. Registration begins each year in August/September.

Reconciliation or Penance

The first confession is usually received one or two months prior to receiving First Communion. Reconciliation is a part of the religious education program and candidates are automatically enrolled as a part of the class training. Penance is offered every Saturday one hour prior to the Vigil Mass for all parish members. You may also make an appointment with the pastor.

Anointing of the Sick

This sacrament is offered to anyone feeling a need. Anyone entering the hospital for elective services should request the pastor for the sacrament prior to entering the hospital. Emergency anointing is available at any time. This Sacrament may be offered communally as the pastor feels the need.

Holy Orders

This sacrament is an opportunity for men to become priests and religious in the faith. It is open to all single men who have a desire to fully offer their services to God. See the pastor to arrange an appointment. Also watch the bulletin for classes being offered.


There is generally a six month preparation period required prior to celebration of this sacrament. Arrangements should be made with the pastor or at the church office.







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